What is Star Atlas (POLIS)?

Star Atlas (POLIS)

What is the Star Atlas (POLIS) project? Star Atlas is a strategy game set in the year 2620 with a space theme. It is a metaverse project built on the Solana network’s blockchain. The Solana network is a high-performance network capable of handling 50,000 transactions per second. W As K.com, we’ve compiled the pertinent information for you; let’s have a look at the issue together…

What is the Star Atlas (POLIS) project?

The project was produced and delivered by three partners:   Deb Lucas, Pablo Quiroga, and Michael Wagner. In August 2021, Star Atlas was launched. Star Atlas provides a dramatic gaming experience to its players. The project’s objective is to entirely decentralize the ownership of its assets and to distribute them to investors and participants.

Additionally, the NFTs produced in this chain generate an economy that doubles global assets. As a result, Star Atlas stands out from other NFT efforts in the gaming business. The project grants its users numerous privileges. Local tokens can be exchanged for actual currency by users. Additionally, they may have the opportunity to earn tokens based on the game’s conditions.

What is the Star Atlas (POLIS) Token?

The STAR ATLAS (POLIS) Token is a necessary component for those who wish to participate in the game. They can then vote on game-related decisions and voice their opinions about the game. POLIS Token is issued to staking users as an incentive. Only 20% of it is now available for pre-sale. There are 360 million POLIS Tokens available in total. The ATLAS token is another type of token in the game. Another coin that is used to transact in-game. Eighty percent of the ATLAS Token is distributed to users, while twenty percent is distributed to partners. There are 36 million ATLAS Tokens available in total.

Star Atlas’ ultimate objective, according to Michael Wagner, co-founder and CEO of the project, is unlike that of any other blockchain. “This is an extremely interesting integration,” said Anatoly Yakovenko, a Solana network partner. In November, the first trailer for Metaverse in-game was published. It is scheduled to arrive in 2022. Although the Star Atlas Token is now available, it will not be completed until 2025.


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