Four Crypto Gaming Coins to be on Your Altcoin Radar


In his recent video on youtube; Lark Davis emphasise that cryptocurrency gaming is going to be such a massive trend in this market that so many millionaires are going to be made by investing in crypto gaming coins.

There is a prediction, an estimate, a forecast to claim that the gaiming market worth 545 billion us dollars by 2028.

Probably the sector will be heavily dominated by non-crypto games but we think we’re gonna see crypto games take a big chunk of that market share over the next five six seven years.

it’s going to be massive; we already see some of the world’s biggest gaming companies getting into the crypto gaming scene. We just had a big announcement today; from ubisoft big french game developer that they’re getting into the nft scene for crypto gaming. We’re gonna see all this stuff coming together 545 billion dollar a year opportunity.

The crypto gaming industry today is very far away from 2028 half a trillion target which means we have long long way to get and earn wise money.

Guild Coins

Guild coins are very very interesting recently because essentially they’re helping connect players up with games so they’re acquiring assets helping people get into these different games. Because if you want to play a game like axe infinity it costs like a thousand bucks or something just to kind of make your basic team. That’s a lot of money for a lot of people just to play the game right so the guilds help bring players in to the gaming world.

We’re seeing quite a few different guild coins popping up right now. Some of them are definitely more promising than others so there are two coins to emphasise


What they are doing in their own words: “Wwe solve discovery and access challengesfor players by helping them discover new games and enhance their performance with gaming tools and track their engagement with guildify id.

One id serves all players metaverse journeys of course is very very important allowing people to go from game to game to game and bring their history with them so that means their achievements are longer limited to a specific guild or a specific game. They can carry their gaming identity, their gaming exploits on chain. It is very important for the gaming community to have this kind of tool.Guildfi is developing a web-3 infrastructure to connect games, nfts and communities with the aim to maximize player benefits and enable interoperability across the metaverse.

This is what guild coins are doing. They’re making the experience better, they’re making the experience more holistic by bringing together the tools that people need to be able to take full advantage of and really enjoy in particular this whole crypto gaming thing.

They have already been having some incredible results; so they’ve already got over a hundred thousand registered users more than twenty thousand daily users and up to fifteen hundred scholars. All of this stuff is actually from about a month ago so that numbers would be higher now.

Guildfı is definitely one that caught my eye because obviously the gaming space is huge. What we’re seeing right now with the play to earn games in particular and you know, in Southeast Asia people are just getting into these games so heavily.

If you want to get a gaming exposure, getting guild coins is a pretty interesting way to do that and they have the backers of guildfi which are the biggest names in the industry. So this is definitely one of the gems to put on your radar


The next gem is another guild coin which is called blockchainspace. They have just had their copper launch through which anybody was able to come out and buy their tokens on auction.

The Numbers from website: Tthey’ve got along here 2728 play to earn guilds with 702235 players. That’s a lot of people that they are bringing to the crypto gaming party so that is very very notable here to see the level of connections as well as the number of players that they’re actually connecting with at this very early stage.

What is block blockchain space doing;

Well they are basically helping to provide a better experience for guild operators and players. Guild operators are helping to measure player performance, helping to on board more scholars and also to vet them before coming on board helping for cash outs helping for different data driven strategies for for managing their guilds.

They are boosting player performance with in-depth game analytics across different guilds gilded data feeds comparing guilds across the industry as well as a guild data bank so bring access to financial solutions opening up a guild marketplace and really specializing into guild financing so this is like a an infrastructure for guilds kind of coin.

Blockchain Space working with 2728 guilds; that is a massive number. We also have again an incredible investor list here including the biggest names in crypto industry.

In the remaining part of talk which you can listen to on below embedded video from youtube; he is going to talk about two different kind of shooter games, zombie games and other interesting crypto games through which you can earn coins namely money.

Please watch the video below which you can find all transcripted text in this post.


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