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Forgotten Bitcoin Password Costs 420.000$ to a Programmer

A German programmer has two attempts left to correctly type the password of an encrypted hard drive on which he stores 7,002 bitcoins. He does not remember the password, he has already failed the previous eight attempts and if he fails the next two attempt he might lose the all bitcoins forever. 

His name is Stefan Thomas, a few years ago he wrote the password of the device that stores bitcoins on a piece of paper, but he cannot find it now. He has already tried eight of his most common passwords, but none of them have worked. “I lie on the bed and think about it. Then, I go to the computer with a new strategy, it doesn’t work and I get desperate again,” Thomas explained to the American newspaper NewyorkTimes.

Bitcoin was priced one dollar in 2010 and now it has reached 60,000$ and its incredible to believe that unexpected fortune will slip from his hands just for forgetting the bitcoin wallets password. .

Here is the Video of the Man who forgot the bitcoin wallet password

As he determined a really complex password consisted of letters numbers and strings in order to protect from hackers, it is now impossible to remember and get the bitcoins. If he fails twice more the device will delete all the data and 260.000$ will be evaporated. Some software security companies are now dealing with the problem but there seems no hope on their side as of their declarations. But dont worry we learned that this guy has one more bitcoin harware wallet and remember its password well.

Be careful with your investments and stay safe…



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