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coinbase listing chiliz,keep,shiba inu

Coinbase Pro lists Chiliz, Keep Network, and Shiba Inu

Chiliz (CHZ), Keep Network (KEEP) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) will be listed in the Coinbase Pro and commercial operations will start from next Thursday, as long...

Is Bitcoin a Bubble? For the Most of Fund Managers, Yes

According to a survey by Bank of America, 81% of fund managers think that; bitcoin is still a bubble even after the 35% price...
PayPal to Launch Crypto Trading of bitcoin,ethereum,bitcoin cash and litecoin

PayPal to Launch Crypto Trading

The secure online payment company PAYPAL decided to allow Venmo users to buy, hold or also sell cryptocurrencies. This new option pumped the stock prices...
Battle Between China and USA on Cryptocurrencies

Battle Between China and USA on Cryptocurrencies

Most analysts think that bitcoin has not lost its shine yet, because the main point is that the ownership of bitcoin is highly concentrated in very few...

What is Facebook Cryptocurrency Libra?

Doubts and certainties about facebook's new currency Facebook's new cryptocurrency Libra, has put the global financial sector in a debate whether it could revolutionize the...

Bitcoin ; First and Most Successful Cryptocurrency

The first, most successful and the largest of the cryptocoins. Came into existence in 2009 and evolved in price from $0.003 in 2010 to...
bitcoin password forgotten

Forgotten Bitcoin Password Costs 420.000$ to a Programmer

A German programmer has two attempts left to correctly type the password of an encrypted hard drive on which he stores 7,002 bitcoins. He does...

Bitcoin to set New Record with the All Time High Price Over 61.000

Bitcoin, the best-known cryptocurrency, has set a new record by reaching $ 60,000 (50,194 euros) this Saturday , encouraged by optimism for this type of...